About Us

TECNOLOGY COM was born in 2003 following the decision of two Italian companies, with experience of over 20 years to expand their activity on the Eastern European market, exporting Italian know-how and quality standards.

Our main activity is the design, execution and maintenance of all kind of installations for construction, industry and electrical system. The company is in a position to offer its customers comprehensive and complex solutions from analysis of their requirements. We provide a very close and transparent relation with our customers throughout the development of a project, also in the maintenance period.

The company operates and has most of the projects all over Romania.

TECNOLOGY COM consists of a qualified team of Italian and Romanian designers, technicians and supervisors. They coordinate the design, implementation and maintenance of various objectives to standards that meet EU norms and requirements.


TECNOLOGY COM provides guarantees of seriousness and professionalism to customers on the work performed, has the equipment and tools to perform system verification and start-up for any type of building or electrical installations. For all conducted examinations and tests we provide warranty and quality control in accordance with the rules in effect. To meet the needs of its customers, the company operates a department for rapid interventions; it deals with urgent maintenance and repair tasks.