TECNOLOGY COM offers to their clients the following types of services according to Photovoltaic Electrical Systems and all kind of constructions, civil or industrial.

 Photovoltaic Systems:

-      Consultancy (Evaluation of the location, Shadow analysis,  Calculation of  investment feasibility)

-      Designing  Photovoltaic Electrical System connected to National Energetic System (SEM) and to Photovoltaic Independent System without connecting to commune network

-      Execution of Photovoltaic Electrical Plants

-      Maintenance (monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance)

 Infrastructure works:

-      Land design

-      Road construction, access routes, platforms, fences

-      Network utility lines (sewerage, water supply, gas, electricity)


 Superstructure works:

-      Mounting metal profiles

-      Foundations

-      Mounting steel in foundations, structure

-      Molding concrete foundation

-      Prefabricated joint

-      Mounting prefabricated joint on outside walls

-      Roof mounting

 Electrical installations:

-      Electrical installations in direct current and alternative for Photovoltaic Electrical Plants

-      Inside and outside electrical installations for any kind of buildings, industrial or civil one with unlimited powers

-      Growing the existing electrical installations (0.4-20Kv)

-      Electrical branching’s

-      Transformer station of medium tension

-      Installation of compensating reactive energy

-      Grounding installations

-      Lightning protection system

-      General and distribution panels

-      Data’s network of classical hardwired and optic fiber

-      Alarming system for fire protection and burglary

-      Automation and access control systems

-      Video surveillance systems

-      Monitoring systems for operating parameters for electrical systems

 Heating installations:  

-      Mounting equipment in centrals and thermic points

-      Mounting radiators, radiant panels, heaters and fans

-      Interior installations for heating made from: steel, copper and other materials

 Ventilation air conditioning systems:

-      Installation of air handling units, chillers

-      Mounting fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heat recovery

-      Rigid piping installation (materials: galvanized steel, stainless steel, tubing ALP) and flexible piping from various sections.

 Sanitary systems:

-      Mounting pumps and pumping groups

-      Mounting hydrophilic and water pools

-      Sanitary indoor installation

-      Mounting indoor installation (hot water, cold water and domestic from galvanized steel, copper and other materials)

 Interior sprinkler installations and hydrants:

-      Accomplishment sprinkler systems

-      ACS installation for sprinkler systems

-      Accomplishment interior installations for hydrants.